Our Story

Since 2008 Teleconsult has been a support to hospitals, imaging clinics and governments across Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Sharing similar values and visions, today’s Teleconsult emerged from the union of Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe in 2020. Having well over a decade’s experience in teleradiology, both companies developed individual best practices which now complement each other creating synergies across the new organization.

From this heritage Teleconsult has evolved into a people company using innovative technology to deliver the best urgent and routine teleradiology reporting service. Our values center around the idea that the best medical quality springs from a harmonious relationship with our doctors and clients. We use innovative technology to help foster this harmony.



Our Values


All Teleconsult employees have a quality focused mindset and embrace the values of our company. 

We go the extra mile – for our clients and our colleagues.

We value all ideas and approaches, not simply our own.

We ensure that all our resources are treated safe and secure.

We know we don’t know everything, and we work with you to know as much as we can.

We are transparent; what you see is what you get.

We listen and encourage open dialogue across the organization.

We don’t judge or discriminate.

We know the power of the team is greater than any individual.

We know what we’re supposed to do, and we do it.

Our history


Establishment of Teleconsult Europe


First clients start using our remote reporting services


Establishment of Direct Diagnostic Alliance


Teleconsult Europe introduces its web based PACS platform, allowing Clients and Radiologists to exchange images and reports


Teleconsult Europe is awarded the tender for the Dutch Breast Cancer Screening Program


Increasingly clinics across Europe and beyond connect to Teleconsult Europe for quality reporting services


Teleconsult Europe expands into the United Kingdom and establishes Teleconsult UK


Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe merge


The merged company enters into a partnership with interoperability provider Meditecs.


Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe offer their services under the new brand Teleconsult


Teleconsult establish Teleconsult Denmark