Our promise

Imaging Diagnostics and Radiology are growing rapidly in terms of volumes, complexity and time critical delivery. Teleradiology -the remote reporting of radiology studies- helps hospitals cope with these challenges. Using advanced technology, our sub-specialist radiologists remotely report urgent and routine studies 24/7 for hospitals and clinics across Europe and beyond.

Teleradiology at our core

With teleradiology at our core, we take radiology beyond the hospital and are increasingly fulfilling the healthcare sector's demand for adjacent services such as primary readers for clinical trials, on-site radiology support and systems integration.

Long-term relationships

It is our strong believe that a long-term, harmonious and rewarding relationship with hospitals and radiologists will result in the best patient care. That is why we foster a familial atmosphere and strong team relationships.

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Medical Quality

Selection of qualified radiologists

Teleconsult radiologists are recruited and selected based on their education, experience and sub-specialty fields. Their C.V. and 2 references are checked, as well as their registration, certification and criminal background. Finally, our Medical Leads select the best candidates for the various Teleconsult teams.

Onboarding & Induction

Before starting work, new doctors will take part in an onboarding program in which Teleconsult work methods, reporting protocols and various IT platforms are explained. Also, the monitoring system for medical and non-medical performance is explained to the new candidate. One month after starting work, a follow up meeting is planned during which the radiologist can give feedback about first work experiences and to ask any questions about the new work methods and quality performance system.

Induction Quality Review

After joining the team, the reporting quality of the new radiologist is monitored through a second read of randomly selected cases during the first six months. This in addition to our standard medical audits and performance reviews as outlined below.

Medical audits and performance reviews

Based on our Quality Assurance Program the reporting quality is monitored continuously by internal audits. If there is a discrepancy an addendum is made, and, if clinically relevant, the hospital is informed immediately. Subsequently learning points are fed back to the individual radiologist. Periodically, our Medical Leads and Medical Quality Group reflect on overall outcomes and define changes, improvements or preventive measures. Results are communicated back to the referring hospitals each quarter. Any discrepancies reported by referring clinicians are analysed and are similarly used to improve the quality of our performance.


If there is a pattern in discrepancies or a medical occurrence (like an error) that has a learning element in it for other doctors, it will be taken up by the Medical Leads and fed back to the radiologists through periodic Learning Sessions. If more urgent, an email is sent out to all doctors to inform them about what happened and what they can learn from it.

Radiologist relations

We strive to create trusted and enjoyable working relations, as we believe radiologists who feel treated well and appreciated deliver better quality. Staying in touch through regular one on one meetings during the year creates moments for radiologists to indicate satisfaction with their work in general, the IT systems, the scheduling, and the operational & technical support. Suggestions, ideas and other feedback received during these meetings are invaluable for us to continuously improve on making Teleconsult the best partner to work with.

Competence and quality is of utmost importance. A correct, nuanced and clear radiology report is in the end crucial for the patient. In my role as medical director my aim is a work environment where excellent radiologists help each other and share knowledge in order to contribute to the best possible healthcare.

Dr. Karl Johan Isacsson - Medical Director

Teleconsult defined ambitious Key Performance Indicators for medical quality, turnaround times, planning, information security and support. These KPI’s are reviewed on a weekly and monthly basis and communicated to the client.

Natascha Smits - Quality & Compliance Manager

Operational Quality

In time reporting

Our clients and their patients rely on a timely delivery of our reports. That is why Teleconsult cannot afford late reporting due to lack of radiologist capacity or IT issues. To assure timely reporting, the scheduling of tele-radiologists, monitoring of IT systems and availability of our support staff are the most vital activities of our organization.

Excellent support

Our Service Desk is your fast entry point for all questions and comments. The Service Desk team quickly directs you to the right operations or IT expert to answer your medical or technical query.

Information security & data privacy

Our Information Security management system is integrated in all our processes and compliant with ISO 27001. It aims to guarantee zero patient safety incidents related to information availability as well as full integrity and confidentiality. Backup internet connections, power provisions, and devices are arranged for all critical processes. All relevant security elements, like encryption, access control and IT management are audited by external parties. Data privacy is controlled in a similar manner, and in line with all relevant local data privacy and patient data regulations.

Our history

Since 2008 Teleconsult has been a support to hospitals, imaging clinics and governments across Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Sharing similar values and visions, today’s Teleconsult emerged from the union of Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe in 2020. Having well over a decade’s experience in teleradiology, both companies developed individual best practices which now complement each other creating synergies across the new organization.

From this heritage Teleconsult has evolved into a people company using innovative technology to deliver the best urgent and routine teleradiology reporting service. Our values center around the idea that the best medical quality springs from a harmonious relationship with our doctors and clients. We use innovative technology to help foster this harmony.


Our Values

  • All Teleconsult employees have a quality focused mindset and embrace the values of our company.
  • We go the extra mile – for our clients and our colleagues.
  • We value all ideas and approaches, not simply our own.
  • We ensure that all our resources are treated safe and secure.
  • We know we don’t know everything, and we work with you to know as much as we can.
  • We are transparent; what you see is what you get.
  • We listen and encourage open dialogue across the organization.
  • We don’t judge or discriminate.
  • We know the power of the team is greater than any individual.
  • We know what we’re supposed to do, and we do it.


Establishment of Teleconsult Europe


First clients start using our remote reporting services


Establishment of Direct Diagnostic Alliance


Teleconsult Europe introduces its web based PACS platform, allowing Clients and Radiologists to exchange images and reports


Teleconsult Europe is awarded the tender for the Dutch Breast Cancer Screening Program


Increasingly clinics across Europe and beyond connect to Teleconsult Europe for quality reporting services


Teleconsult Europe expands into the United Kingdom and establishes Teleconsult UK


Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe merge


The merged company enters into a partnership with interoperability provider Meditecs.


Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Teleconsult Europe offer their services under the new brand Teleconsult


Telecsonsult starts oncall reporting for European hospitals from Bali, Indonesia


Teleconsult establish Teleconsult Denmark


Teleconsult starts oncall reporting for European hospitals from Auckland, New Zealand


Teleconsult opens its office and reporting hub in Malmö, Sweden

(Y)our People

Medical Leadership

Karl Isacsson

Medical Director

Specialised as a radiologist in 2009 and has been working at consultant level since, with experience from Scandinavia, UK and New Zealand. Joined Teleconsult to establish the on-call team in Bali and is now the Medical Director of Teleconsult.


Martin Leger


Martin Leger, Managing Director and Co-Founder of DDA. Holds an MA Marketing Management degree from Griffith University, Australia and a BA Business degree from Lincoln University, United Kingdom. Martin accumulates years of business management experience from companies such as CBS, Jetix Europe and Telemedicine Clinic.

Erik de Grijs

CCO & Chairman

Erik de Grijs, Chief Commercial Officer, Chairman and Co-Founder holds an Ba. International Management from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and an MBA from the University of Plymouth. Erik has many years of experience managing cross border healthcare start-ups and scale ups.

Hans Geuens


Holds a MA Electronic Engineering degree form the Artesis University College Antwerp, Belgium and a BA Business Informatics degree from Karel de Grote University College, Belgium. Hans gathers years of experience in the healthcare IT sector, having worked for Telemedicine Clinic and AGFA Healthcare.

Agustin Corsi

Managing Director UK

As one of the founders of Teleconsult in the UK, Agustin, is Managing Director and leading our company's vision to revolutionize the way radiology services are accessed and delivered globally, with technology playing a central role in connecting patients and healthcare providers with specialised radiologists who can provide fast, accurate, and safe diagnoses.

Matthew Maple

Commercial Director UK

An experienced Commercial Director in the Healthcare sector Matthew is one of the founders of Teleconsult in the UK. Co-opting his role as Registered Manager with the Care Quality Commission he is passionate about the benefits of Healthcare evolving with Technology he strives to embody Teleconsults ethos of being a reliable colleague.

Rasmus Jakobsen

Managing Director Denmark

Rasmus holds a MA in Information Studies from the University of Aarhus along with a BA in History of Ideas. He has been working within the health care sector since 2007 and has a vast experience in management and business development. In addition to this Rasmus also is an trusted advisor to both doctors, clients and colleagues.

Advisory Board

Jo Nicholas

Board Director UK

Founder of the TXM Healthcare group since its inception in 2011 and is now the founder of TXM Teleconsult UK Ltd since 2018. She currently stands as Group Director. With over 21 year of experience in the Healthcare arena in the UK with extensive background in Recruitment Delivery, HR and Governance, as well as being a nominated person for our services with the CQC, Care Inspectorate and RQIA. Jo is on a mission is to provide a safe, tailored telemedicine service to all our clients and be a reliable colleague.

Gitte Leger

Advisory Consultant

Gitte has extensive experience both in the private and public sector, smaller national and larger international companies as well as being a professional board member. Gitte works, guides, and gives advice to increase collaboration, efficiency, and satisfaction in matters concerning our organization, personnel, and structure. She also collaborates with partners and suppliers in connection with our various operational projects. Gitte loves her grandchildren and enjoys writing texts and lyrics.

HR & Operations

Genta Banushi

HR & Operations Director

With over +10 years of work experience and an academic path, she is a specialist in business operations and management. Likes taking on new challenges and be there to set the right example for her team.

Sofia da Costa

Operations Manager

With a background from Stockholm in publishing and editorial advertising, Sofia is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the effective and successful management of Operations.
Werknemer 3

Damian Martuccio

Operations Manager

As the first employee of Teleconsult in the UK, I oversee the operational day to day tasks. With over 10 years of experience in the customer service industry, rapport building with clients and radiologist's is my bread and butter.

Anna Lennartsson

Operations Coordinator

Anna is one of our Operations Coordinators. Dedicated, professional and experienced within customer care service. Strong team worker with proven track records. Many years of experience from multinational companies with high volume of work and revenues.

Linn Claezon

Operations Coordinator

Originally from Sweden, since 7 years based in Barcelona. Great experience in the medical sector within sales support and customer service. Strong member in the service desk team here at DDA as an Operations coordinator with responsibilities regarding on-boarding and supporting our radiologists work during the on-call shifts.

Roben Cerbo

Operations Coordinator

With 4 years of service values cultivated in the service industry and a further 4 years of values and skills of supporting workflow developed in the travel industry, I offer operational support out of regular office hours. From railway to Teleconsult, bringing versatility, reliability and dedication into the team.

Matilda Mållberg

Operations and Quality Analyst

With good communication skills and understanding of the importance to maintain many things in the air at once Matilda on-boarded the Service Desk Operations Team with her positive attitude In hope of preserving the good service and keeping up the relationships with both hospitals and radiologists. From previous work experience and her academic history Matilda is a dedicated and competent person who sees new opportunities rather than problems.

Angelique Wallenborg

Operations Coordinator

As a part of the Service Desk team my main areas of responsibility are the on-call project, as well as handling discrepancies. During my free time I love to explore new restaurants and cafés, or to go outside of the city to enjoy nature and different beaches.

Iida Impilä

Operations Coordinator

Iida has a bachelor's degree in dance pedagogy from Stockholm University of the Arts. In the past she has worked in the field of education, social media and languages.

Davide Nyblom

HR Planning & Facility Manager

Davide likes to see opportunities, and with many years of experience working with co-partners and organizations from many different backgrounds, he now has the opportunity in his role as a Planning and Facility manager to assist his colleagues work go as smooth as possible so they are able to achieve a satisfying result.

Ida Glöde

Client Relations Manager Denmark

Ida is responsible for developing our business in Denmark. She has +10 years of experience in medical staffing and recruitment of radiologists for the Danish Health Care Sector. Her passion is developing longstanding relationships with both clients and doctors.
Werknemer 13

Ashley Smith

Operations Coordinator

Ashley has 20 years of Customer Service experience both in the UK and South Africa. Before starting with Teleconsult she worked in IT for 8 years.
Werknemer 11

Jon Priddle

Relationship and Recruitment Manager

Tine 2

Tine Fredberg

Recruitment and Operations Coordinator

Tine maintains a close collaboration with both our clients and radiologists, building trusting relationships while ensuring smooth operations and communication. With 7+ years experience in the public sector in Denmark, she specializes in organizational development and recruitment. Outside of work, Tine enjoys hiking in the Catalan mountains and expanding her culinary horizons with the global cuisine.
Werknemer 10

Ricky Amin

Operations Coordinator

Ricky has 12+ years of experience in the luxury watches industry. His focus lies in driving new business and maintaining supplier relationships.

Leticia Calva

Senior Medical Recruitment Consultant

Leticia, originally from Mexico and based in Barcelona, holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and a vast experience working closely with highly subspecialized radiologists to help them find their dream job. She is passionate about the use of technology to benefit healthcare for people around the globe. Are you looking for your next adventure? Feel free to contact her, she is happy to help you.

Information Technology

Fran Guillamon

IT System Integration Lead

Working in the medical imaging world since 2006. Giving support to the radiologists in several hospitals and becoming applications and integrations specialist after some years. Now helping our new customers integrate and perform training sessions for the new colleagues on our applications.

Alexander Blom

IT Support Engineer

With experience in both the Swedish and Spanish IT market, as well as a strong interest in helping others, Alexander works as a Technical Support Engineer in order to provide excellent assistance to our radiology and service department.

José Gómez

IT Support Engineer

José is a telecommunications engineer, with a background providing IT support in the health sector. He loves cooking and playing Tetris and is always willing to help his colleagues and customers.

Quality & Compliance

Natascha Smits

Quality & Compliance Manager

Well experienced in Quality Management, Information Security Management and international Data Privacy legislation. Located in the Netherlands. Worked in international and clinical settings for more than 10 years. Joined Teleconsult in 2019 as the Quality and Compliance Officer.

Jessica Payne

Quality & Compliance Administrator

Jess is the youngest member of the Teleconsult team and has a background in psychology. She is responsible for handling the clinical administrative aspects of the business.


Patricia Gordillo

Finance Manager

With many years of extensive experience from Multinational and national companies working as Finance administrator, Credit and Collection specialist, Account receivable responsible Patricia is our Finance Manager and her key role is supporting the expansion of Teleconsult. Handle financial reports, processes and projects to support the growth of the company. Lead and control the overall financial administration and ensure the accounts of the different business units are looked after. She possesses a highly professional attitude, excellent analytical skills and strong attention to accuracy.

Jessica Carlson

Finance Administrator

Jessica is a finance administrator at Teleconsult. Previously she worked as a medical administrator in a hospital in South of Sweden and is a licensed clinical social worker with a master of social work.
Werknemer Anna

Alba Carrasquer

Finance Administrator

Alba has a passion for numbers and a heart for teamwork. She is a Business Administration and Management graduate with 6 years of accounting experience. Previously worked in software and logistics.



Shellie Agmon

Marketing Manager

Shellie, originally from the Netherlands is an experienced social media marketing manager who also has previous experience working in the Teleradiology industry in London. Now living in Tel Aviv she is working as our global brand marketing manager. She lays her focus on creating brand awareness internally as well as externally for all our different international locations.

Social Responsibility

With our business, Teleconsult enhances patient care and supports patient safety. We believe in healthy environments and therefore aim to minimise our impact on the environment and to do well for society in general.

Our commitment

  • At all times, we follow the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies and apply the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.
  • We ensure the implementation of measures to reduce the impact of significant environmental aspects of our activities, preventing pollution, minimising the consumption of resources, and promoting efficiency and energy savings.
  • We promote and practise human rights and want to add value to society beyond our scope of business.
  • Maintain full compliance with applicable environmental and human rights laws, regulations and other obligations. When our own requirements are more stringent, we operate to these higher standards. We require this same compliance of our business partners and contractors.
  • We evaluate and review our impact annually, set new goals and measure progress. We are committed to continuously improving our performance.

Our actions


  • Use green energy for all Teleconsult offices and climate neutral servers as much as possible.
  • Compensate all business flights for carbon emission and fly only when really necessary.
  • Run paperless offices, and when not possible otherwise, use eco-certified paper.
  • Switch off devices at the end of the day as much as possible.
  • Purchase sustainable products and services where possible (eco and fair trade, local and/or refurbished).
  • Reduce and separate our waste.
  • We have a recycling program for electronic and technical equipment.
  • Make use of trains, electric cars and electric taxi cars.


  • Respect human rights in all business related activities, and avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts and address such impacts when they occur.
  • Promote gender equality by ensuring equal career opportunities.
  • Aim for an inclusive workforce with people with all kinds of backgrounds.
  • Have an active anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Sponsor a non-governmental organisation that we feel connected to.

One of our business units is certified for ISO 14001. In 2024 we will have all our business units certified for this standard.

Martin Leger