Medical Quality

Selection of qualified radiologists

Teleconsult radiologists are recruited and selected based on their education, experience and sub-specialty fields. Their C.V. and 2 references are checked, as well as their registration, certification and criminal background. Finally, our Medical Leads select the best candidates for the various Teleconsult teams.

Onboarding & Induction

Before starting work, new doctors will take part in an onboarding program in which Teleconsult work methods, reporting protocols and various IT platforms are explained. Also, the monitoring system for medical and non-medical performance is explained to the new candidate. One month after starting work, a follow up meeting is planned during which the radiologist can give feedback about first work experiences and to ask any questions about the new work methods and quality performance system.

Induction Quality Review

After joining the team, new radiologists’ reporting quality is monitored through a second read of randomly selected cases during the first six months. This in addition to our standard medical audits and performance reviews as outlined below.

Medical audits and performance reviews

Based on our Quality Assurance Program the reporting quality is monitored continuously by internal audits. If there is a discrepancy an addendum is made, and, if clinically relevant, the hospital is informed immediately. Subsequently learning points are fed back to the individual radiologist. Periodically, our Medical Leads and Medical Quality Group reflect on overall outcomes and define changes, improvements or preventive measures. Results are communicated back to the referring hospitals each quarter. Any discrepancies reported by referring clinicians are analysed and are similarly used to improve the quality of our performance.


If there is a pattern in discrepancies or a medical occurrence (like an error) that has a learning element in it for other doctors, it will be taken up by the Medical Leads and fed back to the radiologists through periodic Learning Sessions. If more urgent, an email is sent out to all doctors to inform them about what happened and what they can learn from it.

Radiologist relations

We strive to create trusted and enjoyable working relations, as we believe radiologists who feel treated well and appreciated deliver better quality. Staying in touch through regular one on one meetings during the year creates moments for radiologists to indicate satisfaction with their work in general, the IT systems, the scheduling, and the operational & technical support. Suggestions, ideas and other feedback received during these meetings are invaluable for us to continuously improve on making Teleconsult the best partner to work with.

Competence and quality is of utmost importance. A correct, nuanced and clear radiology report is in the end crucial for the patient. In my role as medical director my aim is a work environment where excellent radiologists help each other and share knowledge in order to contribute to the best possible healthcare.

Dr. Karl Johan Isacsson - Medical Director

For me as a clinical director the most crucial thing in our business is providing and ensuring top quality service for our clients and patients, but also having a culture of a healthy and positive environment amongst colleagues.

Dr. Aleksandrs Ribakovs - Medical Lead UK

Teleconsult defined ambitious Key Performance Indicators for medical quality, turnaround times, planning, information security and support. These KPI’s are reviewed on a weekly and monthly basis and communicated to the client.

Natascha Smits - Quality & Compliance Manager

Operational Quality

In time reporting

Our clients and their patients rely on a timely delivery of our reports. That is why Teleconsult cannot afford late reporting due to lack of radiologist capacity or IT issues. To assure timely reporting, the scheduling of tele-radiologists, monitoring of IT systems and availability of our support staff are the most vital activities of our organization.

Excellent support

Our Service Desk is your fast entry point for all questions and comments. The Service Desk team quickly directs you to the right operations or IT expert to answer your medical or technical query.

Information security & data privacy

Our Information Security management system is integrated in all our processes and compliant with ISO 27001. It aims to guarantee zero patient safety incidents related to information availability as well as full integrity and confidentiality. Backup internet connections, power provisions, and devices are arranged for all critical processes. All relevant security elements, like encryption, access control and IT management are audited by external parties. Data privacy is controlled in a similar manner in line with all relevant local data privacy and patient data regulations.